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New forum and possibilities

check what has changed


New forum and possibilities

check what has changed


New forum and possibilities

check what has changed


New forum and possibilities

check what has changed


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  1. What additions should we add to the standard interlude journal database? What are you missing from this chronicle?
  2. https://fb.watch/9P8n2v_mkm/
  3. Here is the whole list of amenities for new players and events for the month of December. I will add the posters in the evening. From tomorrow : - 3 days of premium account for each new player - 2 million for graduating from first class - 5 million for graduating from second class - 5 clan lvl and 5k CRP for each new clan - Bosses needed for the subclass reduced by 30% - Up to 40 lvl difference will be available in the party - Each vote is a 3 vote coin, not 2 as before Upcoming events: - Between December 5-17, the top 10 players with the longest online time will be awarded through 200 COL - On December 18, the enchant rate of all sroll will be 70% - Christmas season with Grand bosses with 50% stats lowered in the safe zone from combat December 23 at 20.00 - Baium December 24 - Frintezza December 25 - Antharas December 26 - Valakas
  4. Incredible revolution !!! On January 21, 2022, our current Interlude x15 server will transform into a combination of IL + H5 interfaces, remaining on the Interlude chronicle. You will be able to join the server using any game client from Interlude to H5. Additionally, there will be more: - Clan point system - Reward system for the amount of pvp - Territory Wars - Certification system - Kamael Race as a skin - New beautiful capes, cloaks, pets and mounts - New locations from higher chronicles - New raidbosses - Craftable Dynasty Weapons/Armors/Jewelry - Craftable Vesper Weapons/Armors/Jewelry + New look of the page with all possible game statistics All characters are kept, so everyone who stays on our server will benefit, we also promise that the server will be unique and well-advertised so maybe it will be possible to get a lot of new players.
  5. until
  6. kyher15


    Great news, we finally found the problem 10 minutes ago, I can swear that nothing will ever disappear again 🙂 Swietne wieści, wkońcu znaleźliśmy problem 10 minut temu, mogę przysiądz ,że już nigdy więcej nic nie zniknie 🙂
  7. The motherboard and power supply have burned out on the dedicated server. Our supplier has already replaced the defective parts. The server will be brought back to life in a moment.
  8. kyher15

    Server Maintrance

    At 23:00 Polish time, the server will be shut down for two hours. We will introduce a new operating system and configure a new firewall, during this time you can advertise our server and earn Event Coins.
  9. http://joxi.net/8AnYZKPUoLXRD2 Armadilo +1 🙂
  10. We are still waiting for advertising animations, which I will also add here. Czekamy jeszcze na animacje reklamowe które również dodam tutaj.
  11. [ENG] The main goal of this event will be to promote our server all over the world to get new active players. The rules are simple, just advertise our server on Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Twich, Youtube or Discord. Each advertisement sent out will be rewarded with one Event Coine in the game. The advertisement will be evidenced by a screen or link with the address placed here in the comment. [POL] Głównym celem tego wydarzenia będzie promocja naszego serwera na całym świecie, aby pozyskać nowych aktywnych graczy. Zasady są proste, wystarczy reklamować nasz serwer na Instagramie, Facebooku, Skype, Twichu, Youtube lub Discordzie. Każda rozesłana reklama będzie nagrodzona w grze jednym Event Coinem. Dowodem zamieszczenia ogłoszenia będzie screen lub odnośnik z linkiem w komentarzu. Useful materials / Przydatne materiały : https://imgur.com/eI4IToq http://i.imgur.com/eI4IToq.gifv https://i.imgur.com/i7EwAVt.gifv https://la2pleasure.com/ https://discord.gg/p4JeWMDxxW
  12. kyher15

    Update VOL 2

    - Most Spell books and Amulets have been removed (during work) - Chat shout is Global - Sonic Buster skill is now working properly.
  13. kyher15


    Quest Drop items is now x2. Enchant Safe is +4 New NPC spawned in Giran - PC Bang Lottery.
  14. Each Agathion has its own skill, only one can be used, skills overlap. Agathion Panda - Acumen Temporarily increases casting speed Agathion Bamboo - Haste Temporarily increases attack speed Agathion Samurai - Focus Temporarily increases critical strike chance Agathion Fairy - Magic Barrier Temporarily increases Magic Defense Agathion Izba - Agility Temporarily increases the chance to dodge attacks Agathion Hotbird - Battle Heal Recovers your HP Agathion Pegasus - Empower Temporarily increases magic attack Agathion Valakas - Wind Walk Temporarily increases movement speed Agathion Gorynych - Blessed Body Temporarily increases maximum HP Agathion Lindvior - Might Temporarily increases physical attack Agathion Ork - Blessed Soul Temporarily increases maximum MP Agathion Woman - Guidance Temporarily increases accuracy Agathion Grot - Shield Temporarily increases physical defense Agathion Angel - Pa'agrio's Fist Temporarily increases maximum CP Agathion Sumo - The Honor of Pa'agrio Recovers your CP
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